I have 123 books on my TBR list that I have yet to read, that are in my house. I also have books that I’ve reserved at the library that show up from time to time. This year I decided to document the books I read over the month and see how much I get through…


Darius the Great is not okay is about a half Iranian, half American teenager, trying to get through his teenage years and come out ok on the other side. His life is further complicated by his depression and his relationship with his father. When his mother finds out her father has a terminal illness they go back to Iran to spend time with him. Darius meets

This book was beautiful and I read it in probably just a few hours. The author did a great job of showing Darius’ life and relationships and how he grew from his experiences. I feel this story also normalizes depression and what it is like for you to live with it every day. There’s also a lot of cultural insight and while this is technically a young adult book I feel that it is relatable and insightful on many levels. Highly Recommended.


I love Turia Pitt. I find her inspirational and funny. I spent a lot of time in this book tearing up, so I had to stop reading it on the train! Turia is an accomplished speaker and athlete and in her early twenties she ran an ultra marathon in the Outback, was caught in a fire and was left severely burned. This is the super condensed just the beginning version of her story, which is revealed in this book. While i enjoyed it, some parts in the middle lagged a bit as she got all the important people in her life to help tell her story, covering different points of view of her accident. Some of the parts repeated themselves, but it picked up later on and became interesting again. It was quite the inspirational and uplifting story.

eat viet.jpeg

I did not finish this book. It started out with a lot of promise but after almost a quarter of the way through I got frustrated because all this guy did was eta. I get that it is called Eating Vietnam and it’s about food, but usually people travel, go places and do things. All he did was move apartments and eat more noodles. While I’m sure he travelled further around Vietnam, the lack of pace did not encourage me to read further.

On the noodle.jpg

While on honeymoon in Italy, Jen Lin-Liu noticed the resemblance between the pasta and the noodles in China, where she lived as a Chinese American running her own cooking school. She decided to see if she could trace how they evolved from China and made their way to Italy - contrary to popular belief it was not because of Marco Polo! She made her way across mainland China, through the stans, Iran, Turkey ending in Rome. It was a fascinating, yummy and interesting journey and I’m glad I took it with her.


I was number 40 on the wait list at the library to read this book. When I finally got it (it would’ve taken at least 3 months) I ended up reading it in two days. Osher’s life was and is fascinating and his struggles with mental illness took you right with him as if you were there - I feel like I understand people more just by reading this book. I don’t think I would’ve put it down except I needed to sleep! Well worth the wait.